Feature: Millennial Magazine

Thank you @millennialmagazine ! Such a great write up. Check it out www.millennialmagazine.comWhat an honor and an unbelievably exceptional feature.  Have a read, or here are some highlights:

Reflecting on his experience, Mr. Kamienowicz adds, “We enjoyed working with Dan. It was a great experience. He anticipated what would work for us, and it seemed that everything he did is really working out well, which I think is amazing. That is really a talent or a genius.”

Precision seems to exude from Dan’s work, giving his modernism a sense of belonging. “A good modern home is about the user, the user experience, and if you plan it correctly, you take the person from morning to night in a very nice pattern.” He starts with the lighting of the house and considers what the light looks like when waking up all the way until leaving the house. “I calculate all of that when I’m building a house…modern design is thinking about the human first.”

Describing the work environment Dan sets for his employees, Aras Burak, says “He is probably the most relaxed architect. He really cares about the client. That’s unusual.” Having only worked for Dan for about a year, Burak continues, “He listens and asks my opinion all the time and he actually values it. That doesn’t really happen in other offices. It’s a pleasant place to work.”

Unlike most architects, Dan brings a sense of humility to his work that leaves his clients feeling safe and secure. Mrs. Kamienowicz adds, “I really trusted him with his ability and the plans. He created a fabulous lifestyle.” It is that attentiveness and creativity that makes Dan Brunn a master of architecture.