Encino Home Renovation: Flooring

Hopefully, the floor plans we posted earlier helped you to visualize what this home is going to look like…but if you were still unable to picture it – then today’s image will definitely help!

This is the master bathroom.  We first put down cement board to get the base completely level before putting down our limestone flooring:

Here is the gray stone that is in his daughter’s & the guest bathroom:

The rest of the house has wood flooring.  We looked everywhere to find something that resembled the beautiful wood from MAFI, but that would not have quite so high a price tag.  We think we found a nice compromise….

We installed the flooring over plywood.  Since the planks are 7″ wide (which is fairly wide in the exciting world of wood floor planks), we used both glue and nails to prevent them from bowing upwards.

With the drywall up and the floors down, you can really see the transformation!  This view is from where you would enter in the front door:

In this photo, we are standing in the den looking into the dining area:

Here, we are looking into the kitchen:

Next, we’ll be showing you all the beautiful stone in the house :)