Encino Home Renovation: The Rooms Begin to Take Shape – Drywall!

Drywall is the fun part, where we get to visually begin to see the home take on its new design!

We re-used some of the existing drywall, but mostly added new.

The installers created chalk lines (as specified by us), in order to line up all of the lighting fixtures, smoke detectors, and AC units.

Around the windows, they put L-Metal.  This ensures that we get a super clean, 90° corner at each edge.  After installing the L-Metal, they will finish it with plaster to fill the gaps, and then sand the plaster until it is flat.

After the drywall is put up, the installers came in with plaster to cover up any screws, edges, dings and other imperfections.  Then, they sanded the plaster down until the walls were completely flat (like with the L-Metal around the windows).

In the Living Room, we designed a built-in shelving & TV area.  This will give them much more floor space.

We also included a sweet office into the new floorplan.  It has a great glass wall to let natural light in:

You can start to see the “new” fireplace!  It used to be in a wall so you were not able to walk around it.  We removed that wall (along with many others) to open up the floorplan.