Flip Flop House: Field Trip to the Steel Fabricators

Last week, we drove out to Bell Brother’s Steel in Fontana to check out the progress on the steel that is being fabricated for the framing of the Flip Flop House.  Bell Brother’s will make all of the steel pieces in their shop, transport it, and then assemble it on site.

It was really amazing to see all of the steel we will be using in the framing of the house!  Our structural engineer used a lot of steel in his design because of the combination cantilevers, the large amount of glass, and the open nature of the design – all of which require more support than wood can give.

Here is one of the columns:

The wood will connect to the steel with these “thread studs”:

Bell Brother’s painted our steel to prevent corrosion, and left it white for aesthetics.

Here are some more beams, and several “Moment Frames”.  Moment Frames help a building to “flex” during earth quakes (thats SoCal for ya) and heavy wind (in this case, from the Ocean).

The columns will be held into place by steel base plates that we showed you in a earlier posting.

This steel “tube framing” is welded together and will provide support underneath the glass walls and windows:

These are the stair treads that will be covered in terrazzo.  The staircase in this house will be quite dramatic!

While in the great city of Fontana, we came across some architecture of historical note – a big orange:

We did some googilizing when we got back, and found this 411 on this baby

“At one point there were giant oranges lurking along many of the highways throughout California. These giant oranges operated as juice stands, eagerly awaiting thirsty travelers to pull over and partake of their fresh cold orange juice. At a time when most cars didn’t have air conditioning and the highways were not the super fast freeways with on and off ramps of today, the orange stands did a busy and successful business.” (via WeirdCA.com)

Also, on our adventure, we found another piece of…….note:

At first, we were scared that this “lady” would get hit by a car!  We slowed down to tell her to be careful…..

…and realized she had no shoes!

and her hands were strapped to a sign…poor girl!  The economy has hit even the most plastic of us.

And that was our trip to the steel shop!

4 thoughts on “Flip Flop House: Field Trip to the Steel Fabricators

  1. steelio

    That is a lot of steel for a residential project – that will be fun to watch going up. Also, can you get me that lady’s phone number? She looks lonely.

    1. DBA Post author

      Oh yeah there is a ton of steel in this project! It will be quite solid! And as for the lady – I don’t think she has a personal phone number, but I’m sure you can call the number on the automotive sign. It seemed like they knew her. ;)

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    1. DBA Post author

      Thank you for your kind words! We really appreciate your encouragement, and look forward to giving you more images and information from our projects : )


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