Flip Flop House: Wood Framing Begins!

The wood framers have moved in.  We are doing things a bit asynchronous in order to keep up our tight schedule.  Staying on track, the framers will construct the deck of the 1st floor to start.  This will allow other crews / trades to work below safely.  You can see that the framers have built themselves a floating cat walk to ease their work.

The first step is to attach the beams at the rim of the structure.  At each steel beam, there are steel studs (Nelson Studs, nothing to do with Nelson’s Column).  The lumber is mounted to these studs, and field measuring is done at each unique location.  It takes roughly 30 minutes to complete each beam.

Below, the wood beam is attached to the steel structure.  You can see that now the Nelson studs have bolts and washers at their ends.  The wood has also been prepared in such a way so that the bolts are countersunk into the wood.  Check out Countersinking for more information.  As a whole, we prefer this method of mounting, however, there is added labor.

Above each steel beam, there is also a piece of lumber.  This is called a plate.  The plate is used as a means to interface the other miscellaneous framing and decking.

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