Flip Flop House: Wood Framing & Such

It was a busy day on site Tuesday!  John and Dan had to work out some things on the plans….

There were lots of wood framers and steel workers who were focused on their tasks….

And we all get to enjoy the beautiful weather and view that comes with building a house on the beach in SoCal!

While walking through the neighborhood behind the site, we found something (on an apartment that we had nopart in designing or building), however, that was not so beautiful….

An almost completely corroded column base!  (It would be appropriate to clap your hands to your face and breath, “oh no!”)

**DISCLAIMER:  This column is NOT part of ANY DBA project!**

This is what you can expect to happen in about 1-2 years when there is exposed steel near the ocean.  The salt in the air causes the corrosion.

This column will have to be replaced, which an intense process.

For both of our beach houses, we have taken extra steps to make sure that all of our steel is covered, either by stucco or break metal.  Break metal refers to sheets of stainless steel, which won’t get much, if any, rust.  If/when it does rust, it can be brushed off.

Take that salty air!

One thought on “Flip Flop House: Wood Framing & Such

  1. Juan Arcos

    Hey, I found your blog through Architizer, and I just wanted to commemorate you on your good framing work and progress! The view of the house definitely is amazing, but that rusted steel column is such an eye sore! Hope the replacement of the column goes smoothly.

    I’ll be keep up with your blog to see the progress. The renderings look great! Wish we could have gotten a small piece of this project.

    Take care!
    Juan Arcos
    Co-founder of Bella Stairs, LLC.


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