Flip Flop House: Scaffold-less and Proud!

Dun dun dun dunnnnnn!!!!!  Seriously – no words!  : )  Okay….yeah there are.  Sweet!  White!  Beautiful!  Clean!  Exactly what we had imagined!

The scaffolding has come down, and we are left with the a very-close-to-being-finished Flip Flop House!

Here is the grand entrance.  If you remember from wayyyy back in the day, we showed you that there will be a reflecting pond that partly surrounds the house (click on the links for some cutting edge graphics):

As you know, we are most thrilled about the staircase.  It was a labor of love, let me tell you (and still is, as the glass guys can attest to).  They are doing such a wonderful job making sure that the glass surrounding the staircase is perfect….

I know it has been mentioned many times before, but like a parent bragging on their child, we must say it again -the light quality that fills this space is truly beautiful….


In the master bedroom, please notice 5 things:

1.  Um yeah, that is a direct view of Venice beach.  Crazies, tans, waves, and rollerblades.  Awesomeness.

2.  Aw yeah – huge sliding glass doors that will allow in the most lovely of summatime breezes.

3.  Uh huh – that column is wrapped in stainless steel, and we double dog dare you to find the welded seam.

4.  Terrazzo is our middle name.  And maybe first.

5.  Oh – yeah…thats a folding down TV from the ceiling.  No Angelino’s home would be complete without it!

When it folds up, it is completely flush.  All you see is a teeny tiny line around the edges.  Nice.

Since we know details are the most important of all design aspects…here are a couple of the “finer” items:

The shelving has hidden brackets – it will look as if it is floating off of the walls.

The A/C unit is recessed into the wall, and will have a minimal white grill in front of it.  Honestly though, even in the hottest parts of the summer, the breeze keeps it nice and cool.  There is wonderful passive cooling here!  Take that global warming!

Another super exciting event that is happening is that we received the kitchen cabinetry from Italy, and we hope to be showing you the installation process in the next post!