Sea Colony: Flooring and Cabinetry

The remodel at Sea Colony is continuing steadily.  This week the wood flooring is being installed as well as the bathroom cabinetry.  The fireplace in the master bedroom has been finished with a gray matte porcelain tile, as seen below:

The flooring is being applied to the living room below.  Gluing is a common installation method when using engineered strips of wood floor over a concrete sub-floor.  Here they are spreading a three-plank width of glue over the floor with a notched trowel.  They press the edge of the trowel downward so that the teeth scrape the floor to ensure the proper glue thickness. Then they rotate the trowel to transfer an overlapping quarter-circle pattern onto the floor:

The concrete sub-floor has to be clean and even in order to avoid “popping” which is when the bond of the glue breaks loose in a low spot and that section becomes detached from the sub-floor.

Above the starter board is placed against an expansion gap spacer on the adjacent wall with the grooved edge either on the chalk line or butting against the wall spacers. The board gets pressed back and forth sideways to bed it into the glue.  Then the second plank gets laid the same way and the tongue gets fed into the end groove of the starter board.  In the image above a  dead-blow hammer is used to deliver a light blow on the other end of the board to seat the tongue into the groove.

Above: The finished floor awaiting the trim to meet the drywall.  Below: The trim is measured and cut on site.

In the master shower below the Caesarstone bench will appear as a floating volume that pops from the darker wall and floor tile that has yet to be placed.

These images show the bathroom cabinets that sit below the sinks have been installed according to the drawings.

The tub deck in the smaller bathroom is finished with Pure White Caeserstone- the same used for the shower bench in the master bath.

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