Longwood – Interior Sneak Peek


We just had one of our favorite light fixture installed over the soon to be dining area by Flos Italia.  It was designed by Marcel Wanders and it is called Skygarden.  Outside, it’s just a half-sphere painted gold, white, rust or black. But inside, Skygarden is a surprise with a spectacular white plaster floral decoration that is reminiscent of the ceilings found in noble palaces. The Skygarden is a suspension lamp that becomes a decorative element when looking upwards. The Skygarden light is diffused by an inner glass with further embellishment provided by the aluminum filigree detail.

The large wall behind the fixture was also just completed.  The skylights above the wall cast these incredible light streaks down the wall, however if the wall is not perfectly smooth as glass, you can see the imperfections.  We just had them give it another coat of plaster to level everything off.





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