Code Red: White Space

This week we have some pretty close to completion photos.  So proud of this project, it is filled with surprises throughout.  Let’s go through the spaces.

Art Studio / Office:
DSC01391 DSC01386We had a custom fabricated stainless steel fireplace box made for the master bedroom.  (below) DSC01389 DSC01388Stair atrium, great time of day to get the beautiful streak of light.
DSC01379DSC01378And of course, we return to the actual stair.  Today they installed the remaining pieces of glass, and are currently working on the stainless steel handrail.  Can’t wait to see it all done, and to remove the brown paper protection.  The beautiful glass work is done by Edden Glass.
DSC01363-sqDSC01362DSC01345DSC01346DSC01359And finally, the kitchen.  All the cabinets are by Downsview, counters by Caesarstone, fixtures by Dorn Bracht, and appliances by Miele
DSC01376 DSC01374 DSC01373 DSC01371 DSC01369 DSC01367 DSC01368 DSC01365


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