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Yojisan Sushi – Taschen

Today marks a real moments and proud day for us, Yojisan Sushi has been featured in a Taschen book!  Thank you to the great Giacomino Drago for giving the opportunity to design this wonderland, and to Taiyo Watanabe the photographer.  Of course, none of this would have happened without the wonderful Restaurant and Bar Design Awards, so thank you Marco Rebora.  Such an honor, and a day I will never forget. DSC01607DSC01605DSC01606

Code Red – White Space

Brought out the new Sony A7r with a Canon 16-35mm lens to my site visit and just had a great time.  It was the first time that nobody was around, and the architecture spoke instead of the construction.

The main floor of the house is rooted by the long linear “active wall”.  The north facing wall starts at the living room, with the long linear fireplace and built in TV, and continues through the kitchen all the wall towards the dining room.  At each location there is a play of positive and negative space as well as a juxtaposition of black and white.
DSC00211DSC00130 DSC00133DSC00218Above is the long kitchen island with integrated Miele appliances behind.  As a first, we have a Miele wine fridge too.  A key element is also the long, linear clerestory window.  It efficiently lights up the ceiling, and thus bouncing light deep into the space.

The view below is from thew top floor office.  From here one can look down into the dining room, but most importantly, it acts as a light well.  Due to the nature of the tight lot, we wanted to afford as much natural light as possible.  There are actually two very large skylights that let in an immense amount of light.
DSC00144 DSC00205 DSC00145And of course, the glass stair is completely done!  On the ground floor we have exposed concrete floors and board formed concrete walls.  DSC00222DSC00224DSC00192In the top and bottom views you can get a glimpse of the private master bedroom deck.  This alcove really affords great views while also maximizing privacy.DSC00197Along the side of the stair is a tall, two story wall of glass, it continues onto the roof as a skylight.

Flip Flop House: Lynette Jackson

We would like to share a piece of art today, made by the fantastically talented Lynette Jackson.  She has been following our beach work for quite some time, and has recently commissioned a serious collage of the Flip Flop House.  Simply stunning.  She said that the red was actually inspired by the neighboring Code Red House.  The geometric shapes and framing are really inspiring.  Check out her website, and we are seriously excited by her works to come.  Archdaily did a feature on her iPhone architectural photography, have a look: archdaily