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Code Red: Design Diagram Movie

We made a fun and informational video of the main design ideas for Code Red House.  Check it out below.  You can see how the geometries were formulated, and the spaces create within a very tight infill lot on the beach.  It took just a few slices, pushes and pulls to a simple three story cube to get a lot of light to pour into all the key spaces.

Yojisan Sushi – Taschen

Today marks a real moments and proud day for us, Yojisan Sushi has been featured in a Taschen book!  Thank you to the great Giacomino Drago for giving the opportunity to design this wonderland, and to Taiyo Watanabe the photographer.  Of course, none of this would have happened without the wonderful Restaurant and Bar Design Awards, so thank you Marco Rebora.  Such an honor, and a day I will never forget. DSC01607DSC01605DSC01606