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Code Red: Miele Installation and Final Paint

Our Miele Concierge Service arrived today to do the final installation and review of the appliances with our client.  We are looking great!  They installed the custom panels on the appliances, such as the dishwashers, refrigerator, freezer and the wind fridge.  This is the first time we installed one of the Miele wine storage, and we couldn’t be happier.DSC01337 DSC01335Now, we also unwrapped the master tub.  Such a restful place to start an evening.DSC01332Below is the deck in front of the master bedroom.  DSC01331The room below is the office and art studio.  The shelving is genuine Walnut wood veneer, and the counters are Caesarstone Pure WhiteDSC01330DSC01321a-sqAbove:  The entry.  We are installing the glass guardrail, just love the dramatic lighting here.


Code Red: Glass at Stairs

The floating U-shaped glass stair is a first for us, and this week, the largest glass panels have been installed.  They span the height of one story, and encase the stair in what looks like a jewel box.   DSC01288-sq DSC01285Below is a detail of the custom powder coated standoffs by AMPG

And one of our favorite spaces is 99% done!  The secluded exterior balcony off the master bedroom.

Code Red: Cool Stairs

In the last few weeks, they have been diligently working on a lot of the small details throughout the house, namely, painting, reveals, lights, outlets and other miscellaneous hardware.  Below are a couple of really cool shots of the stairs taken from the ground floor.  The blue masking tape is used to protect each of the AMPG custom standoffs.  As soon as all the detailing is completed in and around the stairs, we will be able to install the glass. 
DSC01267 DSC01266

Code Red: Finishes, Plumbing and Details

Let’s start this post with one of our favorite spaced: the dining room.  There is a double height space with a large skylight on top that creates a luminous glow to an otherwise dim corner of the house.  
Below is a view from above, looking down towards the dining room
DSC01176Next, the progress of the floating stair.  They are doing final touch up paint and cleanup before the glass comes in.  Soon, the floor protection will be removed in this zone as well.
DSC01188The Easy Incline vanity with Dorn Bracht Lulu fixtures, probably our favorite combination.  This is a custom designed sink that we fabricate using Caesarstone.  Here, shown in Pure White.
DSC01181DSC01182Below is a first for us, a pot filler!  Again by Dorn Bracht.  You can sneak a peek at the custom stainless steel plate shelves on the left
DSC01185DSC01170While we are in the kitchen, some of the terrazzo has been revealed, it is so beautiful!  The stainless steel toe kick on the cabinetry will really set it off. And below, one of the guest bathrooms is nearly done.  We love the Royal Mosa wall tile.  And here we used Axor bath fixtures.DSC01168Below: the elevated decks are being installed.  We used custom concrete tiles by the Concrete Collaborative.  They have been one of our long time partners.  The tiles are supported on pedestals by Bison
DSC01186Last, we take the stairs to the roof.  Stairway to Heaven?