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Encino Renovation: Photoshoot Sneak Peek!

Ah the Encino Renovation!  What a fun project!  As a refresher, go ahead and check out the first post we did on this house to see what it looked like before we got our DBA hands on it.  You can also check out the process from beginning to end here!

Renovations are great because they happen really quickly (compared to building from the ground up).  We love the outcome – and can’t wait to show you our images from the photoshoot we had today!  For now, we have just a couple photos to tease you with :)

Encino Renovation: Finished Product Sneak Peek!

Back in the summer and fall, you may remember that we were working on a renovation in Encino.  Well, we will be posting all of the photos of the finished project soon, but we had to show you just one now!  I must say, it looks awesome!!  I suggest taking a look at what the entire home looked like before we go our design hands into it.

Here is what the living room looked like before:

And here it is now:

Hard to tell that its the same room, right?  We are excited to show you the other parts of the house!

Encino Renovation: Stone, Stone Everywhere!

DBA loves Caesarstone!  We have used their product in all of our designs, and even got to design their Flagship San Francisco Showroom!  It really is one of our favorite building products.  Would you like to know why?  Well, Dan (and several other designers) would love to tell you:

For the Encino Renovation, we used 9 full slabs of Caesarstone – which is a whole lotta stone!

The first step in the process was for the stone fabricators to come to the site, take measurements, and make templates.  They then took the templates back to the shop and cut the stone slabs to the correct sizes, where they also fabricated some custom designs.

Next, they brought all the stone to the site….

….and made cuts for things like plumbing fixtures or minor corrections.

Then, they carefully transported the stone inside (this slab is for the kitchen island):

For a shower wall (or any place that might have moisture), they prep it with a layer of cement:

Then they used thin-set motar that acts as a glue for the stone:

And very carefully, the put the stone in place with the help of large suction cups:

This soap niche is an example of something that was custom made at the fabricator’s shop, before arriving on site:

The stone is really heavy and takes several guys to install it:

And there we have beautiful master shower!

The master tub, and tub wall is also Caesarstone:

The owner’s daughter’s have a really beautiful, custom made Caesarstone double sink in their bathroom.  Underneath is IKEA cabinetry.  With some ingenuity, we were able to fit a 6″ deep sink over the cabinetry, rather than the typical 2″ sinks that usually come with the IKEA casework.

The slim opening is the drain:

The underside of the sink:

The master bathroom sinks:

We were able to construct it so that the IKEA drawers still work with the system, while providing room for our custom sinks:

Thanks Caesarstone!

Encino Home Renovation: Flooring

Hopefully, the floor plans we posted earlier helped you to visualize what this home is going to look like…but if you were still unable to picture it – then today’s image will definitely help!

This is the master bathroom.  We first put down cement board to get the base completely level before putting down our limestone flooring:

Here is the gray stone that is in his daughter’s & the guest bathroom:

The rest of the house has wood flooring.  We looked everywhere to find something that resembled the beautiful wood from MAFI, but that would not have quite so high a price tag.  We think we found a nice compromise….

We installed the flooring over plywood.  Since the planks are 7″ wide (which is fairly wide in the exciting world of wood floor planks), we used both glue and nails to prevent them from bowing upwards.

With the drywall up and the floors down, you can really see the transformation!  This view is from where you would enter in the front door:

In this photo, we are standing in the den looking into the dining area:

Here, we are looking into the kitchen:

Next, we’ll be showing you all the beautiful stone in the house :)

Encino Home Renovation: Stucco

Before we began, the exterior of the home was a mix of siding and spray-on plaster:

Both of these finishes are high maintenance (you end up with cracks, you have to repaint, etc).  Thus, we chose to redo the exterior with “smooth-trowel” stucco, which is low maintenance and has very clean look.

Since I know you are dying to learn the ins and outs of installing stucco :), here’s a quick overview:

Applying stucco (also referred to as plaster) requires adding several layers of differing materials:

In this instance, we took down all of the siding and spray-on plaster.  We put up plywood (“wood sheathing”) where necessary.  Next, we added the building paper and metal lath.  The building paper helps to keep the wooden structure behind it dry, and the lath provides support for the coats.

Then, we applied the “scratch” and “brown” layers.  The scratch coat embeds the metal lath and provides a base for the brown coat.  The brown coat covers the scratch, and creates a plane surface for the finish coat.

Lastly, the finish coat was applied.  The color is already mixed into the stucco, and when it dries, you get the color of your choice.

The finished product!