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Longwood: Finishes

From renders to reality!  Below are Longwood deep into finish stage 4.  After applying several coats of plaster and primer, the walls are gaining a much smoother finish. Below are views of the living and dining room space:

Below: great mezzanine space with an exposed beam awaits its glass guardrail and finishing touches.

Above: the master bedroom

Below: the lath and scratch coat await installation for the tiles surrounding the bath in the master bath.

Below: the backing for the island has been framed and boarded out with all the piping finalized.

Expect stunning hardwood floors in our next posting!

Longwood: Interior Renderings

We have some 3D renderings to share today, mostly of the main public space.  The living room, dining room and kitchen flow between one another as one great entertainment hall.  There is a surprise room!  Above the kitchen is a loft space which will function as the library and DJ booth.

The skylights really help lighten up the space.  They face due west, so during the later part of the day the space will still get illuminated naturally.  We just love the sun.

We framed a shelf above the existing sliding doors to store cool design objects.  This design element also hides the curtain track and ties the existing sliding doors to the new design without having to extend them up higher.

As viewed from the kitchen. We will install CaesarStone counters, as always, throughout the house.

Finally, we have the EasyEdge sofa featured, mixed in with a pair of beautiful Danish PK-22 chairs


Longwood: Ghosts of Homes Past

Sometimes when we make way for the new, we discover the secrets of the past.

Exhibit A: A pack of cigarettes in mint condition!

Other Mad Men fodder unearthed included 1950s oven that looks brand new and Hill and Hill Kentucky Whisky-A Blend!

Ok, but seriously, where’s Don Draper hiding?


Any one need a tub?  How about a water cooler?


View of kitchen into future utility and bedrooms


Possible future location of skylights that will run across the main living space

Future master bedroom

Future master bath

Are you in there Draper?

We’ll tear up the floorboards to find him!