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Sea Colony: Details

A few new details to mention here!  First up: the wood framing for the bathtub was recently added along with water resistant drywall shown below in blue.

Another detail illustrated here is the kerf cut in the door (seen below).  The kerf is a slice which allows for a piece of metal to go between the new dry wall and existing wall.  This forms a perfect 90 degree angle that enables the construction works to set the door directly into the framing so you don’t need a jamb or trim.

Also shown here is the fireplace, which is almost finished- we’ve added the coats of scratch and brown plaster, now we’re just waiting on the finish!

Sea Colony: Fireplace

To create a new modern fireplace from an existing one, please follow closely:

Step one: cover existing fireplace with black building paper to waterproof

Step two: cover paper with a wire fabric lath (not chicken wire!) to reinforce plaster

Step three: include J-molding and corner beads to encapsulate the ends of the plaster and give a smooth form to fireplace

Step four: add three coats of plaster- scratch, brown and finish)

Step five: light a fire and make some s’mores!

Sea Colony: Radiant Heat Complete!

Hi all!  It’s been awhile, but we are very happy to report that the radiant heating has been fully installed and we are well on our way to filling out the bones with drywall!

And now for the top layer of concrete!

Since the design called for a cook-top in the kitchen island, we had to cut into the floor slab in order to accommodate

the appropriate venting.

That’s all for now!

Sea Colony: Radiant Flooring Update

We’re making great progress with our radiant heating!  The flooring has been cut, scraped and jack-hammered to make way for the tubing.  The tubing layout establishes an arrangement for the tubing so that when the pump delivers warm water throughout a heating zone, the flow will give maximum comfort and efficiency. Ideally, the flow throughout the system should be even and not generate hot or cold spots. Another crucial aspect of layout is to keep the system from exerting an extraneous amount of electricity for operating the pump while keeping in mind the tube length and flow rate.


Sea Colony: Lights, Camera…Radiant Heating!

Some new additions to Sea Colony this week include:

New stairs supported by new bracing

New holes for access to plumbing in upstairs bathrooms to connect to kitchen plumbing below

Electrical wiring being installed

New lighting fixtures and housing added to kitchen and living room

And continuous peaceful co-existence between paper and floor drawings as appears evident in the images below!