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The Diplomat: Cabinetry and Finishes

We are at the closing few weeks at The Diplomat, doing the final touches and installing all the millwork.  Take a look at our custom kitchen below. We used an embossed grey oak veneer on the cabinets and matte lacquer on the upper cabinets.  Needless to say, Caesarstone throughout.  Here we used our favorite, Pure White.
DSC_8212Below is a photo of one of the guest bedrooms with its glass shower box.  This lets light filter all the way through to the bathrooms.  Since this room is used by one person, privacy is not an issue.  
DSC_8213A small glimpse at the custom cabinets at the master closet.  At the end of the hall will be a full length mirror.
DSC_8214At the master shower we used Royal Mosa wall tiles as well as Royal Mosa floor tiles.  The ceiling rain shower is by Toto.  The light ring turns on when you turn on the flow of water.  In fact, it is powered by the water flow.  Very neat.  We also did something we have never done before, and that is the sliding glass shower door that does not have a metal track.  It is suspended off of the stationary glass panel. Can’t wait for the final photo shoot.

The Diplomat: Construction Underway

We began construction on our first high-rise remodel a month ago and we are now starting framing and electrical work.  Construction techniques differ in a high-rise than working on typical residential work.  It is much more like a commercial project.  All the framing is done with steel studs instead of wood, and the ceiling is suspended above from the major structural elements.

The photos above and below show how we had to redo most of ceiling framing in order to fit our ceiling lights.  We will also need to relocate some of the fire suppression sprinkler heads to align with our lighting plan.

The Diplomat: New Remodel High in the Sky

Announcing DBA’s newest project!  Located in the lofty Diplomat building, this two bedroom apartment with incredible views of the city will be transformed into a spacious modern dwelling complete with a brand new kitchen, new bathrooms and (much needed) additional storage space.  Once finished, this home will be a sweeping sanctuary to swoon over!  But first thing’s first: the existing site conditions, for your viewing pleasure:

View from the bedroom

Existing shower/bathroom

Hallway looking North

Living room with existing fireplace and balcony terrace

Existing plumbing in bathroom

View between bedrooms

A room (with quite a view)

A Gordon Matta Clarke-style carving to expose the plumbing in wall adjoining bedroom and bathroom

Stay tuned for our next installment!!