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Awesome: Venice Beach Architecture

Every time we go to site on Venice Beach, we are amazed at the location we are so fortunate to be building in!  Not only do we get to be on one of the most beautiful (and prime) beaches in the Los Angeles area, we are also in the midst of many incredible homes – designed by some great architects!  We are so honored and grateful to be included amongst these historical (or soon to be) homes.

Here is a small panoramic shot of some of the great homes around us:

For a better look at these homes….

1.  the “Norton House”, by Frank Gehry

2.  the “Code Red House” and the “Flip Flop House”, by Dan Brunn Architecture

3.  the “Epstein Residence”, by Marmol Radziner (finished since photo)

4.  the “Panel House”, by David Hertz

There are other houses up and down the beach that we did not get in the photo, but are equally as excited to be near.  Just north of the panoramic is the “Venice House”, by Antoine Predock.  Also north is Patrick Tighe’s “Ocean Front Walk” home.

Needless to say, we are very excited to see our two Venice Beach homes finished, side by side, in the presence of some great architecture!

Flip Flop House: Wood Framing & Such

It was a busy day on site Tuesday!  John and Dan had to work out some things on the plans….

There were lots of wood framers and steel workers who were focused on their tasks….

And we all get to enjoy the beautiful weather and view that comes with building a house on the beach in SoCal!

While walking through the neighborhood behind the site, we found something (on an apartment that we had nopart in designing or building), however, that was not so beautiful….

An almost completely corroded column base!  (It would be appropriate to clap your hands to your face and breath, “oh no!”)

**DISCLAIMER:  This column is NOT part of ANY DBA project!**

This is what you can expect to happen in about 1-2 years when there is exposed steel near the ocean.  The salt in the air causes the corrosion.

This column will have to be replaced, which an intense process.

For both of our beach houses, we have taken extra steps to make sure that all of our steel is covered, either by stucco or break metal.  Break metal refers to sheets of stainless steel, which won’t get much, if any, rust.  If/when it does rust, it can be brushed off.

Take that salty air!

Steel Framing

Flip Flop House: Drumroll please……STEEL!

Yesterday (Monday, October 3, 2010 to be exact) was another really exciting day – they began putting the steel framing up!!  (I know, I know – sounds more exciting than a day of no traffic in LA, right?!)

A couple weeks ago, we checked out the steel at the shop where it was fabricated.  In that post, we show the massive quantity of steel that we are using to build this house, and we explain why we chose to use so much metal.

It is very exciting for us because the steel reveals the true shape of the house, and provides the skeleton structure for the other trades to commence their work.  It also signifies that we are moving past the site work (foundation, perimeter walls, etc) – and we can actually start working on the body of the Flip Flop House!

With the framing in place, we are beginning to see the interior spaces in their actual size, and their relationship to the exterior.

The guys started assembling steel around 9:00 am, and by 11:00 am – they had all of this up!

By Friday, all of the steel should be up (which would mean that it took these skilled men one week to assemble it).  Then, they will spend another 2 weeks welding all of the connections, while an inspector makes sure that all the welds are according to code.  All in all, it is a remarkably quick process, considering how much they are getting done!

To show how fast all of the steel comes together, check out the video below.  In just 6 minutes, a beam goes from laying on the ground, to being 10 feet in the air and attached to the other steel members!