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Flip Flop House: Glass!

The glass for the Goldbrecht sliding doors has arrived on site!

The glass for the doors has a “Low-E” coating.  This means that they have a coating on them that “reflect[s] radiant infrared energy, thus tending to keep radiant heat on the same side of the glass from which it originated, while letting visible light pass….radiant heat originating from indoors in winter is reflected back inside, while infrared heat radiation from the sun during summer is reflected away, keeping it cooler inside.” (check out more info on Low-E on wikipedia)  Cool, huh?

Some of the sliding door frames are installed!

The black paper here, is waterproofing, and the metal sheet is flashing that will help with keeping the water away from the framing.  The aluminum shoe rails that will hold the glass handrails will be installed here:

They installed fans in the skylight over the staircase.  The fans have a thermometer switch, and when it gets hot, the fans will go on – helping to circulate the air within the staircase.

Another little interesting temperature control item we found was this:

This will react to the thermostat in the house, and will control the heat of the radiant floor.

Flip Flop House: Houses – They Grow Up So Fast!

Our little Flip Flop House – you sure are growing up so quickly!!  Right before our very eyes!  Gettin all window and door-ed up!

Here’s a lovely piece of sliding door corner:

Some more parts of the Goldbrecht Sliding Doors:

It takes a couple hours to get the sliding doors completely aligned….

Before installing the windows, they covered the opening with waterproofing.  Also, you can see that at the sill (the bottom portion of the window), the framing is cut into a sloped angel so that the water will flow away from the house.

Our first installed windows!

Oh how time is flying by!  It seems like just yesterday you were little more than dirt and some rocks….


Goldbrecht System - Alum Extrusions

Flip Flop House: A Little of This, a Little of That…

And this is why we are jumping up and down at DBA…..the delivery of our sliding doors from Goldbrecht-Systems all the way in Switzerland (yeah, take me there right now!)!

And our Fleetwood windows!!  Both the doors and windows have arrived on site, and in about 1 month, they will all be installed!  Here is a window in the master bedroom (go to this post and scroll to the bottom to see where this window is in the room):

This is the pathway to the front door from the gate.  You can see that there will be a little bridge over the reflecting pool:

Here’s another shot of the bridge and reflecting pool:

In our last post, I showed you how they prepared the ceiling for light installation.  They are now starting to put in the lights!  These boxes are so heavy that it takes two men to install them.

Also in the last post, we showed you where the glass handrails are going to go, and the shoes that will hold them.  Here is the piece that they will put a bolt into, and it will secure the shoe and the glass.

Speaking of glass handrails, these threaded rods on the side of the staircase will eventually be holding up large pieces of glass that act as handrails (check out this rendering to see what it will look like):

An early morning on the site isn’t complete with a strong cuppa coff…..I mean, traditional, Argentinean Yerba Maté tea.  Yeahh – and I thought Yerba Maté was only that tea that I got at Trader Joe’s when I wanted to feel like I was being healthy and digesting some “earthy tea” rather than that oh-so-bad-for-you-these-days-coffee!  Turns out that we just Americanized it into a tea bag.  Go figure!  Here’s the real stuff:

Encino Home Renovation: Insulation, Windows & Doors!

The original insulation either simply disintegrated, or was eaten by rats.  Who knows?  So in comes the new insulation to keep our friends nice and cozy/cool in their new home!

*We can guarantee that no panthers (pink or any variation of the color) were harmed during installation*

We wanted to bring more natural light into the home, and we also wanted the windows to align to one another as much as possible.  Additionally, the existing ones were wooden and old.  For these reasons, we replaced all of the windows.

In the kitchen, we added a skylight.  It brings a lot of beautiful light into the room…

We also replaced all of the doors.  We used sliding doors for the Master Bedroom:

For the patio doors, we used the Panoramic Door System.  Of course, you are asking, “DBA, what IS the Panoramic Door System, and why would you use it?!”

WELL, so glad you asked!  We wanted the family to be able to have the largest view into their backyard as possible.  These doors slide, fold and stack to the side (rather than sliding in front of one another).  The view blockage is quite minimal.

To help you wrap your head around this crazy concept – please, at your leisure, sit back and watch the doors in action:

Here are the doors not yet installed….

On each door panel, there are sliding hinges that go into the header, like these:

Installing the header where the hinges go….

This is the installed header/rail.  The pieces of wood sticking out from behind the frame are used as “shims” – extra material to fill space and square out the opening.

Installed door panel!