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Flip Flop House: White, White Everywhere!

I think that I make a comment on every post about how exciting the particular process is….but seriously, this is sooooo exciting!!  The Flip Flop House looks like a house!  A big, white, beautiful home on the beach!

We can’t wait to show you the totally finished terrazzo stair case, and those beautifully wrapped stainless steel columns beyond!

Check out last weeks post for some good info on the staircase:

In this hallway, to the left we have the spinning walls that will hold the owner’s artwork.  To the right are the sliding doors that open onto the upstairs atrium that provides beautiful light and air to the office and master bathroom:

The gorgeous flush interior doors:

This is the client’s office.  This is a great room because it has the wonderful light coming in from the atrium, a view of the rotating walls (which, when they are open, you will be able to see the ocean from this room), and some really really nice wooden shelving.

This is the kitchen area (while standing in the dining room).  All the kitchen cabinetry will go on the right wall underneath the clerestory windows.  A kitchen island made out of Caesarstone will be placed in the middle of the area:

Here, they are bringing the bathroom ceramic tile slabs up to the master shower (verrrrry carefully…)

We chose a ceramic tile product called Kalesinterflex.  It is really beautiful in these large pieces.  It is incredibly smooth and looks seamless!  (Can you tell that’s our style? :)

More finishes to come!  Have a fantastic Monday!

Flip Flop House: Wood Framing Details

On a site visit on December 16 (2010) – we focused on some more detailed aspects of the design that were coming together.  First, we must climb the stairs….

Directly above the stairs is a massive (aka awesome!) skylight.  This site visit was right before the torrential downpours in Los Angeles this past December – so the framers covered up the skylight in advance.

Dan and Neil needed to go over some alignments regarding the shoe that the glass handrails will fit into:

The “shoe” is a piece of metal that will hold the glass handrails.  It will be recessed into the floor, and you will only see the top edges of the shoe.  This is just a sample of the shoe.  The ones we use will be the length of the deck.

In the master bedroom, there is a window that looks out into the hallway with the staircase and skylight.  Across this hall, there is another window that looks into the shower, then into the master bathroom.  Since the entire top floor is the master “suite” – there won’t be any need to cover these windows.  When showering, they’ll get to look through these windows and have a great view of the ocean!  Ahhh talk about relaxing!

This might help you see it better.  The light blue areas show where the windows are.  The first blue box that shows up is the window in front of the master shower.  The next one is the window in the master bedroom.  Behind the camera are big sliding glass doors that open towards the beach.

The master bathroom has a freestanding wall that we will attach custom sinks and cabinetry to.  They have begun putting some plumbing in:

In the master walk-in closet, we have two recessed pockets for the lighting.  This will look really clean once the drywall is put in and you see flush, glowing strips of light in the ceilings.

This is a small deck area outside of the office on the second floor.  The flooring underneath the finished floor is called the “sub floor”.  On decks, where it is exposed to the weather (rain), the sub floor is sloped so that water will fall into the area drain (the little hole in the middle of the sloped area).

Here is some more plumbing for a bathroom:

And lastly, here is the North side of the master bedroom (for those of us who are directionally challenged, the ocean is on the left :).  Here, we will have a window, a fireplace and an AC/Heating Unit.

This is sort of what it will look like (there will also be some shelving underneath the AC Unit that I didn’t draw):

In the next post, we’ll show you some of the incredible views from the Flip Flop House!

Encino Home Renovation: Flooring

Hopefully, the floor plans we posted earlier helped you to visualize what this home is going to look like…but if you were still unable to picture it – then today’s image will definitely help!

This is the master bathroom.  We first put down cement board to get the base completely level before putting down our limestone flooring:

Here is the gray stone that is in his daughter’s & the guest bathroom:

The rest of the house has wood flooring.  We looked everywhere to find something that resembled the beautiful wood from MAFI, but that would not have quite so high a price tag.  We think we found a nice compromise….

We installed the flooring over plywood.  Since the planks are 7″ wide (which is fairly wide in the exciting world of wood floor planks), we used both glue and nails to prevent them from bowing upwards.

With the drywall up and the floors down, you can really see the transformation!  This view is from where you would enter in the front door:

In this photo, we are standing in the den looking into the dining area:

Here, we are looking into the kitchen:

Next, we’ll be showing you all the beautiful stone in the house :)

Encino Home Renovation: The Rooms Begin to Take Shape – Drywall!

Drywall is the fun part, where we get to visually begin to see the home take on its new design!

We re-used some of the existing drywall, but mostly added new.

The installers created chalk lines (as specified by us), in order to line up all of the lighting fixtures, smoke detectors, and AC units.

Around the windows, they put L-Metal.  This ensures that we get a super clean, 90° corner at each edge.  After installing the L-Metal, they will finish it with plaster to fill the gaps, and then sand the plaster until it is flat.

After the drywall is put up, the installers came in with plaster to cover up any screws, edges, dings and other imperfections.  Then, they sanded the plaster down until the walls were completely flat (like with the L-Metal around the windows).

In the Living Room, we designed a built-in shelving & TV area.  This will give them much more floor space.

We also included a sweet office into the new floorplan.  It has a great glass wall to let natural light in:

You can start to see the “new” fireplace!  It used to be in a wall so you were not able to walk around it.  We removed that wall (along with many others) to open up the floorplan.