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Flip Flop House: Lighting Alignments, Shoes, & Other

It was a raining on site today, so there wasn’t a whole lot going on – but we did get to check out some new additions to the house.

They have begun putting in the boxes for the bathroom fans:

The lighting guys have also laid out string to mark off where our lights will go, according to our lighting plans.  Where the string intersects, there will be a light:

Alignments are crucial in this house!  Most everything is lined up to something else – so they have to be really intentional when measuring.  Today, we had to confirm that they had it all in the right place – and, so far, so good!  I drew in some lights to help you get an idea of what we mean:

Its our old friend, the Nelson Stud (in the link, scroll down until you see Nelson)!  The Nelson Studs are threaded rods that are welded to the steel and connect the wood to the steel.  We describe these more in the post Flip Flop House:  Field Trip to the Steel Fabricators.

Here, they will connect wood framing to the stair.  Then, they will add drywall and lighting, to provide light below.

Here is a waterproofing product that we are using on the exterior edges, window sills, door pans, hang-overs:

Here it is on an edge (along with a shoe for the glass railing):

Back in December, we showed you a sample of the shoe for the glass railing.  They have all of the shoes laid out now, and will need to cut them to the correct lengths.  Then, they’ll adhere the waterproofing, add sill pans, do some wood framing to even it all out to get them to the correct heights, and then they’ll use bolts to secure them.  Toward the end of the project, they will add in the glass railing.

It seems we like to end most posts with a look at a skylight or the beach – so here we are looking up at the skylight from the ground floor:

Since it is raining, the skylight gets covered with plastic :(  It is still quite dramatic!