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Flip Flop House: Framed Walls & Grade Beams

We were thrilled to come on site today and see that we have quite a bit more framing than when we were here last week!  We are now really seeing the house’s size and shape – and its awesome!

This will be the view from the shower (more or less):

Here, we are standing in the master bathroom, looking into the master walk-in closet:

The concrete trucks were there….

One of the items that they were pouring were the grade beams.  A grade beam is a poured concrete member that supports loads.  They span across non-load bearing areas, sit directly on the soil, and distribute loads to the ground.

Next week, we should see even more framing and concrete!  We are stoked – so we know you are too :)

One thing you need to know about Venice – parking is a notorious issue.  Venice beach inhabitants are verrrrry….shall we say, concerned about their parking rights.  If you step outta line – your you-know-what is theirs:

Wishing you a “no-parking-ticket” Wednesday!

Flip Flop House: Steel & The Return of Concrete

Today on site, we are doing both steel and concrete!

We finished up the concrete footings (which transmit the concentrated loads of the structure to the ground) for the house and the site walls:

Haven’t you ever wanted to see concrete being poured??

We are also moving right along with the steel:

Here, they are in the process of putting up another beam:



Encino Home Renovation: Foundations

When doing a big renovation (especially on an older home), there will most likely need to be new foundation work done.  This was the case with the Encino Home.

Our design converted the garage into more living space, so we had to raise the floor to match the rest of the living area.  This called for new foundations.

The rebar shown below went into the holes we cut in the garage floor.  A column was placed on top of the rebar in the center of the cut.  Then, concrete was poured in place.  The new raised floor rests on these columns.

Also, during the demo work, we found that the house was missing foundations underneath many of the existing columns – meaning that they weren’t really supporting the house!  (You can see in the picture that there is no concrete foundation beneath the column…)

Actually, the west side of the house was sinking!  To fix this, we added concrete foundations underneath these columns.

Since we converted the garage into living space, we put in a carport per city ordinance – which also needed a foundation.  The circled blocks are pieces of concrete (called “dobie”) that will go in first, then rebar lays on top of them.  Next, concrete is poured in place to create a grade beam to support the structure.