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Awesome: Did someone say LEGOS??

DBA loves LEGOS!

So, when we came upon the genius, Nathan Sawaya and his “Art of the Brick” website with his work – we were blown away!  Nathan is realizing the hopes and dreams of many, many kids who play all day with their LEGOS, but inevitably end up with a cube house, a square car in the garage, and lots of leftover pieces.  I mean, come on!  My “man without hands” never looked like this!

Be inspired!

(all images courtesy of www.brickartist.com, and are property of Nathan Sawaya)

DBA Venice Homes – A Lego Tribute

What architect didn’t start out with Legos??  Around here, they still hold just as much fun and building excitement as they did for us as kids!  As a small thank you to our clients, we like to make them a Lego version of their DBA home.  Here are the 2 Venice Beach homes (the Code Red House and the Flip Flop House) as they will be when they are finished, side by side.