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Goldbrecht System - Alum Extrusions

Flip Flop House: A Little of This, a Little of That…

And this is why we are jumping up and down at DBA…..the delivery of our sliding doors from Goldbrecht-Systems all the way in Switzerland (yeah, take me there right now!)!

And our Fleetwood windows!!  Both the doors and windows have arrived on site, and in about 1 month, they will all be installed!  Here is a window in the master bedroom (go to this post and scroll to the bottom to see where this window is in the room):

This is the pathway to the front door from the gate.  You can see that there will be a little bridge over the reflecting pool:

Here’s another shot of the bridge and reflecting pool:

In our last post, I showed you how they prepared the ceiling for light installation.  They are now starting to put in the lights!  These boxes are so heavy that it takes two men to install them.

Also in the last post, we showed you where the glass handrails are going to go, and the shoes that will hold them.  Here is the piece that they will put a bolt into, and it will secure the shoe and the glass.

Speaking of glass handrails, these threaded rods on the side of the staircase will eventually be holding up large pieces of glass that act as handrails (check out this rendering to see what it will look like):

An early morning on the site isn’t complete with a strong cuppa coff…..I mean, traditional, Argentinean Yerba Maté tea.  Yeahh – and I thought Yerba Maté was only that tea that I got at Trader Joe’s when I wanted to feel like I was being healthy and digesting some “earthy tea” rather than that oh-so-bad-for-you-these-days-coffee!  Turns out that we just Americanized it into a tea bag.  Go figure!  Here’s the real stuff:

Flip Flop House: The Reflecting Pool

The concrete for the reflecting pool has been poured!  We knew this was going to be a major feature of the house, but seeing it in real life “cements” that for us (pun totally intended!).  There will be some awesome reflecting done in this pool!

The pool drains sticking up in the middle of the pool will be trimmed down and topped with a plastic drain cover.  The pool light locations have just the light housing unit right now.  The pool concrete will get covered with a dark blue stucco, and then the lights will be put in.

As you walk into the property from the side gate (which is the main entrance), you will be faced with an infinity pool and a waterfall that takes water down into the lower pool that stretches down the length, and in front of, the house.

This may help you get a better idea of what it will look like (and this view is more similar to what you would see when walking in from the side gate):

We were able to walk up the stairs to the top floor yesterday, and get our first glance at the view from the master bedroom.  How sweet is this?!

Sign 2

Even More Fun Walls!

Moving on from the perimeter walls from last week, the construction crew has laid out the form-work for the reflecting pool wall:

Can’t you just picture it?

There are some other intriguing things on site….

Big steel columns (that will be going up in about 1 month) will be welded onto the plates, and the adjustable bars will be tightened so that the column will stand straight (similar to the idea of a Christmas tree base).

Also, these steel rebars will be bent until they are horizontal, and will be within the poured concrete slab floor:

Also in the world of exciting DBA construction news – our sign is up!

….Until the next site visit!