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Encino Home Renovation: The Rooms Begin to Take Shape – Drywall!

Drywall is the fun part, where we get to visually begin to see the home take on its new design!

We re-used some of the existing drywall, but mostly added new.

The installers created chalk lines (as specified by us), in order to line up all of the lighting fixtures, smoke detectors, and AC units.

Around the windows, they put L-Metal.  This ensures that we get a super clean, 90° corner at each edge.  After installing the L-Metal, they will finish it with plaster to fill the gaps, and then sand the plaster until it is flat.

After the drywall is put up, the installers came in with plaster to cover up any screws, edges, dings and other imperfections.  Then, they sanded the plaster down until the walls were completely flat (like with the L-Metal around the windows).

In the Living Room, we designed a built-in shelving & TV area.  This will give them much more floor space.

We also included a sweet office into the new floorplan.  It has a great glass wall to let natural light in:

You can start to see the “new” fireplace!  It used to be in a wall so you were not able to walk around it.  We removed that wall (along with many others) to open up the floorplan.

Encino Home Renovation: Insulation, Windows & Doors!

The original insulation either simply disintegrated, or was eaten by rats.  Who knows?  So in comes the new insulation to keep our friends nice and cozy/cool in their new home!

*We can guarantee that no panthers (pink or any variation of the color) were harmed during installation*

We wanted to bring more natural light into the home, and we also wanted the windows to align to one another as much as possible.  Additionally, the existing ones were wooden and old.  For these reasons, we replaced all of the windows.

In the kitchen, we added a skylight.  It brings a lot of beautiful light into the room…

We also replaced all of the doors.  We used sliding doors for the Master Bedroom:

For the patio doors, we used the Panoramic Door System.  Of course, you are asking, “DBA, what IS the Panoramic Door System, and why would you use it?!”

WELL, so glad you asked!  We wanted the family to be able to have the largest view into their backyard as possible.  These doors slide, fold and stack to the side (rather than sliding in front of one another).  The view blockage is quite minimal.

To help you wrap your head around this crazy concept – please, at your leisure, sit back and watch the doors in action:

Here are the doors not yet installed….

On each door panel, there are sliding hinges that go into the header, like these:

Installing the header where the hinges go….

This is the installed header/rail.  The pieces of wood sticking out from behind the frame are used as “shims” – extra material to fill space and square out the opening.

Installed door panel!

Encino Home Renovation: Framing

Some of the framing was done alongside of the demo work….but the majority of it was done after the demo and foundations.

You can start to see some of the new room layouts:

All of the plumbing and wiring is new.  Every window was reframed, either because we enlarged its dimensions or we changed its location.

The existing fireplace had an odd shape to it (think “Mesopotamian Ziggurat“), so we framed around it (using recycled wood) to square it out.

Next up…insulation, doors & windows!  Yipee!


Encino Home Renovation: Foundations

When doing a big renovation (especially on an older home), there will most likely need to be new foundation work done.  This was the case with the Encino Home.

Our design converted the garage into more living space, so we had to raise the floor to match the rest of the living area.  This called for new foundations.

The rebar shown below went into the holes we cut in the garage floor.  A column was placed on top of the rebar in the center of the cut.  Then, concrete was poured in place.  The new raised floor rests on these columns.

Also, during the demo work, we found that the house was missing foundations underneath many of the existing columns – meaning that they weren’t really supporting the house!  (You can see in the picture that there is no concrete foundation beneath the column…)

Actually, the west side of the house was sinking!  To fix this, we added concrete foundations underneath these columns.

Since we converted the garage into living space, we put in a carport per city ordinance – which also needed a foundation.  The circled blocks are pieces of concrete (called “dobie”) that will go in first, then rebar lays on top of them.  Next, concrete is poured in place to create a grade beam to support the structure.

Encino Home Renovation: Demolition Day

The first step was to get the old and unnecessary stuff outta there!

The construction crew literally just goes at it with hammers and electric saws.  Its loud & dusty – but if you are having a bad day, it could be a great way to exhaust your frustrations!

We have some great plans for this fireplace….

….plans that include knocking the majority of it down:

The demo process took about 2 weeks to complete.  The crew was careful with the things they broke down so that we could recycle as much as possible.  A lot of the wood was re-used for the framing on this house.

All of the doors and windows were taken to be re-used on projects in Mexico.