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Flip Flop House & Awesome: Time Lapse Fun II

The wood framing portion of construction takes much longer than the steel framing.  The steel took a quick 2 weeks to put up.  Wood framing began in late October – it is now December, and we still have walls and furred down ceilings to go!  But it is still fun watching the whole thing happen….especially with a nifty time lapse video :)


DBA Venice Homes – A Lego Tribute

What architect didn’t start out with Legos??  Around here, they still hold just as much fun and building excitement as they did for us as kids!  As a small thank you to our clients, we like to make them a Lego version of their DBA home.  Here are the 2 Venice Beach homes (the Code Red House and the Flip Flop House) as they will be when they are finished, side by side.