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Flip Flop House: Farewell to Wood Framing….

Ah wood framing.  Its been real.  Its been fun.  Its….time to move on!  99% of the wood framing is complete!  Woohoo!  Here are few last pictures of the process:

This large skylight will let a lot of light into the house!  It is over the stairwell, so the light will filter all the way down to the ground floor.  The skylight also acts as a heat escape.  There will be fans that will move the hot air up and out.

Looking upwards from the ground floor:

Here, we are standing in the living room on the first floor, looking into the kitchen and dining room areas.  Can’t you just smell a fantastic dinner party?!

This wooden framed box will be a half bathroom.  To the right is the kitchen, and beyond is the living room (of the first floor):

Yesterday, we put up a post that describes the deck drainage in the sub floor.  On this deck, it is sloping from the house towards the exterior (the high point is the right side of the image, and the low point is the left):

They have begun putting in the boxes for the light switches (just wait till you see how many light switches this house has!):

This is the master shower.  You can see the bench, and the sub floor drainage.

Here is the ground floor, where we will have a wine cellar on the left, and the utility room on the right.  The utility room will house the electrical panel, the boiler, the pool and elevator equipment.  The thin pipes that you see standing up from the ground will hold electrical wires.  The metal rods sticking up with the squared off rubber ends are rebar that will be bent down for the concrete floors (check this post for a rebar refresher).

The walls that are above grade (above ground) will be covered in stucco.  You may remember from a posting about the Encino Renovation that we described the process and layering of applying stucco.  For the portion of the concrete foundation walls that are below grade, waterproofing will be applied.

Over-top of the concrete wall, there will be “drainage boards”.  The drainage board “has a series of dimples molded into the plastic that create an air gap between the membrane and the foundation…..the dimples face out towards the soil, and the geotextile creates a free cavity for the water to drain down.” (thanks for the solid explanation help WATERPROOF! Magazine)

The waterproofing membrane will them be laid overtop of the drainage board.  Here’s a nice little drawing of it (courtesy of the Tremco website):

Above the weatherproofing, and below the stucco, there will be a “weep screed” (also shown in a diagram on this past post).  A weep screed is a metal flashing used to allow moisture to drain down into the drainage board.  Click over to here for a quick example

And here it is, applied on the Flip Flop House’s foundation walls:

Farewell wood framing.  You’ve been good to us, and we hope to see ya around in the future.  Like, every time we look at the house.

Flip Flop House: Wood Framing Details

On a site visit on December 16 (2010) – we focused on some more detailed aspects of the design that were coming together.  First, we must climb the stairs….

Directly above the stairs is a massive (aka awesome!) skylight.  This site visit was right before the torrential downpours in Los Angeles this past December – so the framers covered up the skylight in advance.

Dan and Neil needed to go over some alignments regarding the shoe that the glass handrails will fit into:

The “shoe” is a piece of metal that will hold the glass handrails.  It will be recessed into the floor, and you will only see the top edges of the shoe.  This is just a sample of the shoe.  The ones we use will be the length of the deck.

In the master bedroom, there is a window that looks out into the hallway with the staircase and skylight.  Across this hall, there is another window that looks into the shower, then into the master bathroom.  Since the entire top floor is the master “suite” – there won’t be any need to cover these windows.  When showering, they’ll get to look through these windows and have a great view of the ocean!  Ahhh talk about relaxing!

This might help you see it better.  The light blue areas show where the windows are.  The first blue box that shows up is the window in front of the master shower.  The next one is the window in the master bedroom.  Behind the camera are big sliding glass doors that open towards the beach.

The master bathroom has a freestanding wall that we will attach custom sinks and cabinetry to.  They have begun putting some plumbing in:

In the master walk-in closet, we have two recessed pockets for the lighting.  This will look really clean once the drywall is put in and you see flush, glowing strips of light in the ceilings.

This is a small deck area outside of the office on the second floor.  The flooring underneath the finished floor is called the “sub floor”.  On decks, where it is exposed to the weather (rain), the sub floor is sloped so that water will fall into the area drain (the little hole in the middle of the sloped area).

Here is some more plumbing for a bathroom:

And lastly, here is the North side of the master bedroom (for those of us who are directionally challenged, the ocean is on the left :).  Here, we will have a window, a fireplace and an AC/Heating Unit.

This is sort of what it will look like (there will also be some shelving underneath the AC Unit that I didn’t draw):

In the next post, we’ll show you some of the incredible views from the Flip Flop House!

Flip Flop House: We’re Back!

After a long blog hiatus (we have been feverishly getting the Code Red House drawings & permits ready for the contractors to bid on), we are back to show you all the (incredible) progress that has been made on the Flip Flop House!

During our site visit on December 14th (2010), the builders were steadily working on the wood framing:

And they poured some concrete:

Get ready, because we have lots more to show you in the upcoming posts….

Flip Flop House: Framed Walls & Grade Beams

We were thrilled to come on site today and see that we have quite a bit more framing than when we were here last week!  We are now really seeing the house’s size and shape – and its awesome!

This will be the view from the shower (more or less):

Here, we are standing in the master bathroom, looking into the master walk-in closet:

The concrete trucks were there….

One of the items that they were pouring were the grade beams.  A grade beam is a poured concrete member that supports loads.  They span across non-load bearing areas, sit directly on the soil, and distribute loads to the ground.

Next week, we should see even more framing and concrete!  We are stoked – so we know you are too :)

One thing you need to know about Venice – parking is a notorious issue.  Venice beach inhabitants are verrrrry….shall we say, concerned about their parking rights.  If you step outta line – your you-know-what is theirs:

Wishing you a “no-parking-ticket” Wednesday!

Flip Flop House & Awesome: Time Lapse Fun II

The wood framing portion of construction takes much longer than the steel framing.  The steel took a quick 2 weeks to put up.  Wood framing began in late October – it is now December, and we still have walls and furred down ceilings to go!  But it is still fun watching the whole thing happen….especially with a nifty time lapse video :)